August 2015

Adaptive Reuse

How a dilapidated 100 year-old home iin St. Louis is being successfully converted into two town homes.

Home Offices

Tips for achieving a home office that's perfect for the way you work.

Train Depot Home

Architect Francois Levy converted a derelict train depot into his family home.

Craftsman Kitchen

Pointers for making a contemporary Craftsman style kitchen.

Planning for Change

See how this design accomodates changing lifestyles; use it to help you think about how your new home might adapt to growing children or aging in place.

Francois Levy Architect

Architect Francois Levy offers tips for energy-savvy home building.

Hollyhock House Restoration

The recent restoration of the Los Angeles landmark by Frank Lloyd Wright offers lessons for every home owner or builder.

Apartment Life

Boyce explains why building small apartment buildings makes sense.

Outdoor Kitchens

Tips for designing your outdoor cooking and entertaining space.

Staircase Primer

How to make sure your staircase suits the house and your needs.

Driveway Gates

Opening the world of gate possibilities in materials and styles, ready-made and custom.

Boomer Features

Features to consider including in your new home that will help you comfortably age in place.

July 2015

Patio Lighting

8 cool outdoor lighting ideas, including do-it-yourself examples, for summer entertaining.

Ranch House Revival

A recent Wall Street Journal article reports on how architects and homeowners are reinventing the low-slung ranch house with high ceilings and luxury amenities.

Moving-In Advice

How to prepare for the big day when you start living in your new home.

Courtyard Houses

A well executed courtyard makes a house memorable as well as more livable. The strong indoor-outdoor connection is a powerful lure but also the geometry of the space, its openings and wall surfaces, and paving materials play important roles. Here are some strong examples, past and present.

Interior Doors

How to select the right interior doors for your new home.

Farmhouse Modern

A new house near Sonoma, California shows how to enjoy living in the landscape.

New Home Products

Boyce reports on new home products at the recent Pacific Coast Builders Conference.

Home Trends

Boyce lists the top home trends apparent at this year's Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC) in San Diego.

Garage Organization

Expert organizers tell how to make your garage efficient & uncluttered.

June 2015

Wrap-Around Porches

Describing the functionality and romance of porches that run around at least two sides of a house.

Home Automation

The newly launched Brillo home automation system from Google prompts some practical advice for selecting the right device or system for your needs.

Reclaimed Wood

What you need to know about reclaimed and recycled wood for new and remodeled homes, and where to find it.

Vacation Home Ideas

Ways to fire up the vacation imagination.

Patio Ideas

Patios help the house expand. Here's a range of cool outdoor living spaces and hot amenities to help you celebrate the beginning of summer.

Home Ideas from Camp

Ways to bring home a summer camp vibe.


The teardown market is heating up again.

Design Chat: Laurie Clark

The architect talks about how she works.

Sharing Economy

How planning for the sharing economy can give your new home flexibility as needs change.

Small Modern Houses

Meet the innovative new Signature Plans by architect David Holowka.

Extreme Weather Design

Extra things you can do to defend against flooding and high winds.

May 2015

House of Clicks

Reacting to the Swedish House of Clicks

Chrysalis Remodel Awards

Winners in the 2015 program show innovation and diversity.

Casitas & Flex Rooms

Flexible designs include spaces that can work as home offices and/or guest suites. Here's a sampling.

Tesla Home Battery

Considering Tesla’s new Powerwall for Your Green Home? Here’s what you need to know.

Narrow Lots

How to make the most out of limited space on skinny lots.

Plans with Pergolas

The trellised outdoor space often identified with sun-splashed Italian villas and Craftsman bungalows is making a comeback.

Special Feature Kitchens

What does your dream kitchen include? Here's a collection of kitchens with special features to spark your imagination.

Top Green Materials

Sustainable builders and architects share their go-to green products and ways of working.

Inside-Out Ranch House

The latest plan by Nicholas Lee is organized around what he calls an "Inside-Out Room," with roots in Mid-Century Modern home design.

3 Ways to Build

Bud explains the three basic approaches to building: Design-Bid-Build; Design-Build; and Integrated Project Delivery.

Architect David Wiggins

Texas architect David Wiggins talks about his approach to design.

April 2015

Top Plan Features

From BBQ porches to Jack-and-Jill bathrooms, here are the top selling plan features.

Urban Farmhouse

The story of a Farmhouse style house in Austin, Texas.

House for Millenials

Boyce explains how Builder Magazine developed a show house for Gen Y buyers in 2012.


Bunkrooms aren't just for dormitories at college or camp -- they're an efficient way to pack more beds into smaller spaces.

Popular Green Home Features

Colorado architects and builders offer insights and experience on building energy-efficient homes.

Beyond Katrina Cottage

Marianne Cusato, designer of the Katrina Cottage, discusses the home of the future.

how & why to build green

Joyanna explains why building green makes dollars and sense.