Entry Ideas

By Dan Gregory

Simple elegant alcove provides a seat and space for coats and boots.

Your new home starts with a sleek uncluttered entry. But almost instantly it starts attracting a lot of paraphernalia -- from coats and boots to mail and iPhones. How to control it? Here are some ideas.

1. Add a niche, coat hooks, and built-in bench -- as shown in the example above, by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects.

2. Include a built-in desk -- a natural spot for dropping the mail and keys, as shown in this example by Sarah Susanka for Plan 454-12, shown below.

You could add the desk to a closet, so it's easy to close off for instant de-cluttering, as in this example by Cathy Schwabe for Plan 891-1. Here it is open.

And here it is closed -- all desk work hidden.

3. If the entry is into a stair hall see if there's room under the stair for a storage niche.

4. A simple divider or wall with a short counter works well -- see the entry layout in Plan 901-11 below.

Make sure an electrical outlet is nearby so you can add a charging station for iPhones, iPads, and other devices. Many different charging stations are on the market, such as the "Juice Box" by Blu Dot:

Or the latest combination iPad and iPhone charging station from Restoration Hardware, shown below.

Originally Published in Houseplans.com


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