Garden Sheds & Outbuildings

By Meredith Swinehart

Barn door opens up the shed for use as a temporary backyard sale venue.

Although they're inherently practical, there's something romantic about garden sheds and outbuildings. As extra spaces, they're not required to meet the basic needs of a main home. As demonstrated here, a shed can really be whatever you want it to be. Collected from the Gardenista Gallery of nearly 4,000 images, here are some of our favorite sheds and outbuildings:

Author Tricia Foley sets up shop as The New General Store several times a year in a small barn near her 1820s summer home on Long Island -- see the photo at top of the post. It's an idyllic country setting for her idyllic country wares. Read more about Foley's venture in Shopper's Diary: The New General Store by Tricia Foley, and take a look at 28 charming Summer Homes in our gallery.

Above: We love this all-white house, patio, and pool pavilion in Charleston, South Carolina so much that we sourced the elements in Steal This Look: A Charleston Pool Pavilion with an Outdoor Shower. Inspired by the clean slate? Browse 461 images of all things White.

Above: One of our all-time favorite sheds is this plywood and oak masterpiece in North London that functions as a workspace and library complete with retractable doors that open onto the garden. Read more about it in A Writing Shed in the Garden and browse 41 more images of Work Studios in our gallery.

Originally Published in Gardenista


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