LA in 2013

By Frances Anderton

The changing face of Los Angeles.

In a recent interview with Craig Hodgetts about his Hyperloop studio at UCLA, he talked about how Los Angeles is so young it has only seen one layer of urban development.

Now new layers are being added; and we are witnessing a region not only grow but actually change character. From a thinly spread, mostly low-rise metropolis based for more than five decades on the separation of uses, predominantly single-family homes and auto-mobility (and the individualistic mindset that urban form produced), it is evolving into a region where 52% of Angelenos are renters, multifamily and mixed-use buildings are the newly dominant residential type, and people are foregoing cars for bicycles and public transit.

With this as context, what follows is a list of some of the dominant architecture events of 2013. Please add your thoughts and tell us what you think we should be talking about in 2014.

1) LA Grows UP. . .
With the recession ebbing, this year saw the surge of new projects growing UP, from Santa Monica – where developments designed by Frank Gehry and Rem Koolhaas joined a crowded field of developments spurred by the pending Subway to the Sea — to downtown where the Wilshire Grand by AC Martin will be the tallest building in the West (shown in rendering above; demolition has now made way for construction)...

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Originally Published in KCRW


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