Screens and Dividers

By Dan Gregory

The large circle adds drama to this cabinetry divider between sitting area and hallway.

One way to maximize space -- and bring in more daylight -- is to use screens or partially open dividers instead of walls. James Madson opened up the wall between the hall and the sitting room in the remodel shown above with a dramatic moon gate-shaped screen. It maintains the circulation pattern while allowing light and views between the rooms, making both seem more spacious.

In Plan 51-464, the glass cabinet-topped counter allows views between the kitchen and the breakfast nook.

In a house by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects, the kitchen is separated both from the living room and linked to it by a tall, white partition.

The large passage through it visually frames the connection between the two spaces. And the thickness of the divider allows it to hold storage cabinets.

In Plan 909-10 by Hive Modular, the screen beside the stairway helps visually connect upper

and lower sections of the great room and ties the balcony to the larger space.


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