What You Need to Know

New Laminates

Laminates are hot again, with new colors and realistic wood patterns. Long used for counters and backsplashes, it's now a flooring choice as well.

12 Storage Tips

An interior design expert explains how to organize and store everything.

Barn Doors

Brightly hued hardware and a wide variety of new and recycled woods are options for today's sliding barn doors.

Laundry Room Primer

13 Ways to make It more functional, efficient, and fun.

Top 5 Home Features for 2015

A recent National Association of Home Builders survey asked home builders what features they are most likely to include in a typical new home this year.

2015 New American Home

Ideas from the 2015 New American Home.

Faucet, Shower, Counter News

From a handsfree eco faucet to a blackboard laminate you can draw on: imaginative new products are shown at the 2015 Kitchen & Bath/International HomeBuilder Show in Las Vegas.

Fireplace Options

Wood burning? Gas? Vented? Ventless? All questions to answer before selecting a fireplace for your new home.

New Year's Green

The top five ways to go green from a Sustainability expert.

Energy Efficient Hot Water

The 5 types of resource-efficient water heaters now available and how they can save you energy, water, and money.

Daylighting Options

Strategies for maximizing daylight in your home.

Hurricane Rebuild

Michelle Goodman and her family replaced their Hurricane Sandy-destroyed home with a bungalow by Brooks Ballard.

2015 Design Awards

Call for Entries in the 2015 HOWIEs

Builder Contracts

Three basic ways to contract with a builder -- and which way might be best for you.

Modern Prefab

Meet a young firm specializing in the design of modern houses that combine prefabricated and site-built construction for greater resource efficiency and affordability.

Net-Zero Homes

What you need to know about getting rid of your house's carbon footprint.

Marianne Cusato Book

Marianne Cusato's new book is full of good advice for anyone looking to buy, rent, or build a new home.

Building Permits

Why they're necessary, for what types of construction, and how to get them.

House Plan Sales Data

The most popular house sizes and design styles in the third quarter of 2014 for Houseplans.com.

Reading Floor Plans

How to understand the language of home floor plans -- so that the finished home accurately reflects your dreams.

Building On Spec

Dean Gino had no building experience but found he enjoyed the process.

Floor Plan Features

The key elements to look for in a floor plan, from mud room to porch.

Design for Disaster

The recent magnitude 6.0 earthquake at American Canyon in Northern California -- which damaged the town of Napa -- prompts this article explaining what you can do to make your new or existing house safer in a quake or weather event.

Future House

Not So Big House author and architect Sarah Susanka describes how she thinks the house of the future will look and function.

Passive Design Principles

What you can learn from so-called Passive House Design -- i.e. houses with very low energy use -- and apply to the building of any home.

All About Solar

How to make going solar a smooth process.

Freegreen Plans

FreeGreen's entire library of energy-efficient plans is now part of the Houseplans.com inventory.

Lessons from Old Homes

Key features of older homes that could add character and comfort to the new home you're building.

12 Green Build Essentials

Green design and development experts share what you need to know before breaking ground.

Ranch House Revival

More and more, people are starting to crave the practicality of one-story living -- and that's what ranch houses are all about.

House Plans

Scott talks to Houseplans.com CEO Jamie Roche about alternatives to cookie cutter home designs.

Aging in Place

A geriatrician offers advice for aging in place -- important to consider as you plan your new home.

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