Architecture & Design

Modern Plans by Coates Design

Matthew Coates is a Signature Architect whose innovative contemporary designs celebrate nature and sustainability.

New Plans by Oakhurst

Meet our newest Signature architect, Ian Hoffman, and his neighborly Oakhurst home designs.

Frank Gehry's Houses

Gehry's innovative approach to residential design prompts ideas for anyone thinking of building a new house.

Dream House Book

The compelling new novel by Catherine Armsden tells how one woman comes to understand love, and cope with loss, by returning to the family home after her parents' sudden death.

Authenticity at Home

Why model homes in new developments should go for a measure of authenticity over the fantasy of perfection.

Monterey Design Conference Ideas

Every two years, this conference works as a sort of "TED Talks for Architects" and ponders the meaning of design. Here's what I learned.

Mid-Century Modern

Young famiies are appreciating and upgrading 1950s-era ranch houses like this one by Cliff May in Denver's Harvey Park.


Boyce tours the latest subdivsion home designed to accommodate multi-generational families.

Houses for Infill Lots

Practical, neighborly solutions for maximizing space on tight sites.

Home Offices

Tips for achieving a home office that's perfect for the way you work.

Craftsman Kitchen

Pointers for making a contemporary Craftsman style kitchen.

Francois Levy Architect

Architect Francois Levy offers tips for energy-savvy home building.

Hollyhock House Restoration

The recent restoration of the Los Angeles landmark by Frank Lloyd Wright offers lessons for every home owner or builder.

Ranch House Revival

A recent Wall Street Journal article reports on how architects and homeowners are reinventing the low-slung ranch house with high ceilings and luxury amenities.

Courtyard Houses

A well executed courtyard makes a house memorable as well as more livable. The strong indoor-outdoor connection is a powerful lure but also the geometry of the space, its openings and wall surfaces, and paving materials play important roles. Here are some strong examples, past and present.

Farmhouse Modern

A new house near Sonoma, California shows how to enjoy living in the landscape.

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