Architecture & Design

Small House

How our understanding of common house size has changed.

Lessons from Marfa

Courtney finds design ideas on her visit to this famous contemporary art mecca on the Texas prairie.

Barn Houses

Use the barn idea as a springboard for the design of your new house -- the straightforward, economical organization of interior space and the simple gable roof shapes allow for flexibility and adaptability.

Outdoor Rooms

Plan ahead! Will your new home have space for graduation parties or perhaps a summer wedding? Here's a range of designs that can accommodate family celebrations.

Architect Janet Hobbs

Austin building designer Janet Hobbs explains how she works and what influences her house plans.

Home Trends

A home awards program is a good place to look for current trends and the latest design ideas.

Cost To Build a Plan

Ordering a Cost To Build Report (CTB) on a house plan is a good way to start assessing a project's affordability. Key features will have a major impact on the bottom line.

Subdivision Trends

Boyce explores a new community in Florida with a fresh approach to residential design.

Tiny Cabin

An architect and his daughter worked together to build a forest retreat.

Porches, Pergolas

David asks Ron Sakal and Sallie Hood of The Homestead Partners about their outdoor-oriented home designs.

Bungalows by Brooks Ballard

The designer explains what makes a good bungalow plan.

Flexible House

Lessons in flexibility inspired by the most famous modern Dutch house, designed by Gerrit Rietveld for Truus Schröder, in Utrecht, of 1924.


Bunkrooms aren't just for dormitories at college or camp -- they're an efficient way to pack more beds into smaller spaces.

Modern Prefab Components

Lydia explains the differences between several eco-savvy prefab building systems.

Wright's Robie House

Boyce finds design inspiration in Frank Lloyd Wright's Frederick C. Robie house in Chicago of 1906, considered one of the last great examples of his Prairie style.

Changing Spaces

Boomers and Millennials both want multifunctional spaces for more efficient living, according to presentations at the 2017 International Home Builder Show -- and they both like their wine!