Energy Efficiency

Lot Orientation

You've got a lot. Now how should you place your home to get the best natural lighting and cooling?

Resource Savvy Design

Sustainability expert David Hertz has a new book on resource efficient design. Time for an interview!


Boyce reports that photovoltaic systems for converting sunlight to electricity have become more efficient and affordable.

Salvaged Wood

David interviews a renowned Northern California woodworker for his tips on using recycled wood.

Net Zero Round House

How the circular houses by modular builder Deltec are designed for super energy efficiency.

Recycled Materials

A brief history of recycling -- from Ancient Romans re-purposing an Egyptian obelisk to a 21st century architect using parts of a 747 airplane for a new house.

Eco Farmhouse

Boyce tours a new farmhouse in Georgia designed to showcase sustainability.

Green Materials

A round-up of today's eco-friendly materials and finishes for your new home.

Net-Zero Water Use

Boyce reports on demonstration homes pointing the way toward net-zero water use at the Greenbuild 2015 International Conference & Expo held in Washington, D. C in November.

Fireplace Trends

Experts weigh in on a hot topic! Should your fireplace be wood-burning or gas?

Google's Project Sunroof

It calculates your solar energy savings. Plug your address into this new Web app to find out what your roof can do for you.

Net-Zero Energy Display

Instructive displays by Thrive Home Builders show how their houses achieve net-zero energy use.

Net-Zero Home

Boyce looks at the trade-offs between super energy-efficiency and livability in his analysis of Pure Blue, Brookfield Home's latest energy-efficient demonstration home.

Top Green Materials

Sustainable builders and architects share their go-to green products and ways of working.

Popular Green Home Features

Colorado architects and builders offer insights and experience on building energy-efficient homes.

how & why to build green

Joyanna explains why building green makes dollars and sense.