Floor Plans

Small Lots

Bold styles stand out, especially on a crowded city block. Make the most of your small lot with these cool house plans.

Tricks of the Trade

Experienced designers know when to cut corners. That is, they can trim square footage from places you won't notice. Or make an office pull double duty. It's all about making the most with what you've got to stretch your budget and enhance livability.

Outdoor Living on a Budget

Get the outdoor living space of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Flexible Layouts

Chances are you won't always need the same number of bedrooms. Children grow and leave (and sometimes come back), working from home may become a possibility, or maybe you just need more room for stuff. These layouts are ready for whatever life brings.

Budget-Friendly Family Homes

These contemporary house plans offer families elbow room and cool amenities.

Modern Small Homes

You don't have to have a big budget to create a head-turning home. These little designs deliver big style.

Duplex and Triplex Plans

Households these days often include grandparents, grown children, and other extended family members. Here's why a duplex makes a great choice for big families.

Family-Friendly Luxury

What does luxury mean today? Explore memorable home plans with gorgeous kitchens, open layouts, and tons of practical amenities.

Modern Style

Love the sleek look of a modern home? You're not alone. Learn about this popular style.

Outdoor Living Ideas

Ways to bring home a summer camp vibe.

Age-Appropriate Homes

Ideas from homes designed for "active adults" that are worth considering for the new house you are planning to build.

Siding Choices

Siding choices can help you customize a plan. Often they relate to the design and style of your house, as demonstrated in these examples.

Small House

How our understanding of common house size has changed.

Lessons from Marfa

Courtney finds design ideas on her visit to this famous contemporary art mecca on the Texas prairie.

Sandi Erdman Designer

Sandi explains how she designs and what she feels makes a good house plan.

Outdoor Rooms

Plan ahead! Will your new home have space for graduation parties or perhaps a summer wedding? Here's a range of designs that can accommodate family celebrations.