Kitchen, Bath & More


How architects and designers are making the backsplash an essential eye-catching feature of today's open kitchen.

Installing a Shower

Contractor Kenny Grono explains the six steps to installing the perfect shower.

Kitchen, Bath Winners

Meet the winners in the Kitchen, Bath, & Outdoor Living categories of the 2015 Design Awards Program -- the HOWIEs.

Spa-like Bathrooms

Ways to make bathrooms feel spacious and seductive as well as efficient.

Sliding Partitions

Add flexibility to open kitchens with sliding partitions.

Unique Kitchen Islands

Some of the many functions that a well designed kitchen island can perform.

Home Building Update

The kitchen is coming together for blogger Laura Fowls, who is building a new home with her husband Mike and other family members.

Hardworking Bathrooms

How to make compact bathrooms work harder and feel larger.

Top Kitchen Island Plans

Five ways to configure your kitchen island -- from recent plan sales.

Touchless Toilet

3 innovatiove new products and designs for the bathroom.

Kitchen Checklist

Ten questions to answer before you select or design the plan of your dream kitchen.

Kitchen Island Tips

A veteran architect shares his strategies for marrying function and style.

Pantry Ideas

Julie Carlson shows a wide range of compelling approaches to the classic English larder (or pantry).

Home Libraries

Katherine Salant explains the difference between library and home office.

Spa-Style Bath

How to create a master bath that feels like a spa in 150 square feet.

Small Bath Steam Shower

Replacing an old tub with a steam shower and updating vanities rejuvenated this bathroom.