Product & Finishes

New Builder Products

Boyce describes the most useful new products launched at the 2016 International Home Builder show.

Multifunctional Furniture

An interview with Ron Barth, co-founder of Resource Furniture.

Apps for Home

Boyce explains how the smart home is getting easier to manage with voice commands.

Home Trends for 2016

Lydia spots the hottest trends in kitchens and baths for the new year.

Volatile Organic Compounds

VOCs occur in various building materials but alternatives are expanding.

Glass Tile

What you need to know about installing glass tile for bathroom/kitchen surrounds and backsplashes.

Sustainable Flooring

What you need to know about sustainable alternatives to standard wood flooring for your new home.

Quartz Counters

What you need to know about the most popular alternatives to marble and granite for kitchen and bathroom countertops (image courtesy Silestone).

Google's Project Sunroof

It calculates your solar energy savings. Plug your address into this new Web app to find out what your roof can do for you.

Marble Countertops

Consider leftover pieces of marble and granite for smaller kitchen or bath countertops; they're usually less expensive than new stone slabs.

Flooring Options

Pros and cons of laminate, engineered wood, floating, and hardwood flooring.

Patio Lighting

8 cool outdoor lighting ideas, including do-it-yourself examples, for summer entertaining.

New Home Products

Boyce reports on new home products at the recent Pacific Coast Builders Conference.

Home Trends

Boyce lists the top home trends apparent at this year's Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC) in San Diego.

Home Automation

The newly launched Brillo home automation system from Google prompts some practical advice for selecting the right device or system for your needs.

Reclaimed Wood

What you need to know about reclaimed and recycled wood for new and remodeled homes, and where to find it.

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