What You Need to Know

Rustic Modern Houses

Introducing nature-oriented plans by our latest Signature architect, Ignas Stancikas, of Truoba.

Coomon Sense Building

Austin architect Peter Pfeifer offers basic advice for building a more efficient and comfortable home.

First-Time Home Buyers

Why younger, 30-something buyers -- the so-called Millennials -- are the missing piece in the housing recovery.

Dream House Book

The compelling new novel by Catherine Armsden tells how one woman comes to understand love, and cope with loss, by returning to the family home after her parents' sudden death.

House Museum in Austin

Carol describes what it's like to spend the night in the landmark Moore/Andersson Compound in Austin, Texas.

Cement Tile

If you like blue jeans that "wear-in" over time, cement tile may be the floor and backsplash material for you.

Volatile Organic Compounds

VOCs occur in various building materials but alternatives are expanding.


How to maximize the storage space in your pantry.

Glass Tile

What you need to know about installing glass tile for bathroom/kitchen surrounds and backsplashes.

Porch Lighting

How to brighten your front stoop for darkening days without glare.

Sustainable Flooring

What you need to know about sustainable alternatives to standard wood flooring for your new home.


Boyce tours the latest subdivsion home designed to accommodate multi-generational families.

Quartz Counters

What you need to know about the most popular alternatives to marble and granite for kitchen and bathroom countertops (image courtesy Silestone).

Net-Zero Energy Display

Instructive displays by Thrive Home Builders show how their houses achieve net-zero energy use.

Google's Project Sunroof

It calculates your solar energy savings. Plug your address into this new Web app to find out what your roof can do for you.

Marble Countertops

Consider leftover pieces of marble and granite for smaller kitchen or bath countertops; they're usually less expensive than new stone slabs.

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