10 Great Outdoor Showers

By Julie Carlson

An outdoor shower on the deck of this ocean-side home beckons beach goers.

Here's a roundup of spaces that will make you wonder why anyone ever bathes indoors: By the way, our vote for "most unlikely outdoor location" goes to a terrace in Manhattan where it's actually possible to bathe in privacy in the most densely populated city in the US. For the details, seeThe Landscape Designer is In: Building a Private Shower in Publicity-Loving New York.

Above, at top of post: A Shelter Island home by Tamarkin Co. and Suzanne Shaker; image via Dwell

Above: An outdoor shower by Bureau Bernaskoni in Volga.
Above: An outdoor shower in Scandinavia by Kontur Arkitekter.
Above: An outdoor shower in Montauk by NY architects Murdock Young.
Above two photos: Olsen Kundig Architect's Gulf Island cabin.
Above: A concrete shower enclosure at Manka's Inverness Lodge in Marin County; photograph viaFlickr.
Above: An outdoor shower in Los Angeles by Michaela Scherrer.
Above: An outdoor shower by Northwest-based Bosworth Hoedemaker Architects.
Above L: An outdoor shower via My Scandinavian Retreat. Above R: On Cape Cod, architect Sheila Narusawa uses painted shutters as outdoor shower doors.


Above: An outdoor shower with changing room; via My Scandinavian Retreat.
Above L: A sylvan outdoor shower via House Beautiful. Above R: An outdoor shower via Cote Sud Afrique.

For a rooftop outdoor shower in the middle of Manhattan, see The Landscape Designer is In: Building a Private Shower in Publicity-Loving New York.
N.B.: This is an update of a post originally published July 21, 2011.

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