3 Other Ways To Use Your Dining Room

By Dan Gregory

Get more out of your dining room by using it as a library, as in this design by Kate Johns, AIA.

"Use it or lose it!" ought to be a slogan for dining rooms that only come alive on Thanksgiving and other holidays. If it's not used more often, it's just a big waste of space. So what else can you do with it? Here are three ways to go.

Murphy Bed and Breakfast. Bring down the hide-a-bed -- like this cool example called Poppi from Resource Furniture -- and your dining room becomes a hip guest suite. Maybe add some leftover apple pie to go with that morning coffee...

Photos courtesy Resource Furniture.

The Dining Table Desk. If you can keep your papers relatively neat, why not use the dining room as your home office. Drawers in the storage cabinet can hold dishes, placemats, and utensils in addition to files.

Photo courtesy Digsdigs.com.

Library With Dining Privileges. Books are always good companions and provide food for thought between meals as well as during them. Plan 497-19

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Wed Nov 13 00:00:00 PST 2013