Bricks and Stones: 6 Stylish New Products

By Hallie Busta

New 8-inch square interlocking paver from Azek.

From the floor plate to the façade, concrete and masonry are ubiquitous in the building envelope. This week, we’re spotlighting products that give the commonplace inclusions an eco-friendly or fashionable face—among them, a cement-free masonry block and an ultra-thin concrete surface.

8” by 8” Standard Paver, Azek

New from decking manufacturer Azek is an 8”-square paver (shown above) designed to meet demand for larger profile options in hardscape applications. Made from up to 95% post-consumer recycled material derived from tires and plastic, the paver joins the company’s modular series whose components interlock to form a grid. Five colors and three sizes are offered.

Monarch Cored Brick, CalStar

CalStar ranks among the masonry manufacturers that are seeking an alternative to traditional fabrication processes that are heavy in carbon-dioxide emissions. Made from up to 37% recycled content and without Portland cement, CalStar’s products use approximately 20% the energy and emit 15% the carbon dioxide of traditional concrete block production, the company says. Among its latest releases is the Monarch Cored Brick, which measures 15’ 5/8” and weighs 12.13 lbs.

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Originally Published in Residential Architect

Thu Mar 13 00:00:00 PDT 2014