Editor's Choice Plans from Fine Homebuilding

By Fine Homebuilding

A compact but airy vacation home with many design ideas, like us

The 26 house plans in this new collection are special selections  by the editors of Fine Homebuilding Magazine. Read the editor's comments on each plan to see why it was chosen. Here's a sampling.

Plan 891-3, by Cathy Schwabe. Elevation shown at the top of this post, floor plan below.
"Smart design gets the most out of a small footprint. Big windows, high ceilings, useful built-ins, and a huge deck make the space comfortable and well connected to the outdoors."

Plan 530-2, by Classic Colonial Homes.
"A classic-Colonial update with adjustments for the way we live today, with all the details from yesterday. The master suite is a treat."

Plan 552-2, by Arch L. A. B. "We like the clean lines of this truly modern home. There are multiple access points to the outdoor spaces. Public and private spaces are clearly defined and the open floor plan enhances the home's comfort." 

Plan 454-11, by Sarah Susanka. "This design epitomizes the Prairie style, employing legitimate details, joinery, and logic throughout. Smartly done."

Plan 536-2, by Bruce Tolar. "The expansive porches help make the modest cottage feel larger than it is and enhances its functionality. The design is smart for flood-prone areas."

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July 2, 2014