Home Building Bible

By Dan Gregory

New book from The Taunton Press is the ultimate reference for home building DIYers.

The Taunton Press is justly famous for publishing high quality books and magazines about homebuilding and home design -- not to mention the influential Fine Homebuilding magazine. Now they have launched what I would call the essential home building bible: The Complete Visual Guide To Building A House, by John Carroll, builder and regular contributor to Fine Homebuilding, and Taunton Press illustrator Chuck Lockhart.

At 500 pages with more than 1,200 illustrations, this hefty reference focuses on how to build the wood-framed house (accounting for 90% of the houses in the US and Canada) and covers every aspect of the subject, from how to lay out a foundation to framing roofs with rafters and trusses, and from hanging doors and installing cabinets to building stairs.
The illustrations and text are clear and concise, explaining the most common rafter cuts, for example, 

and such essential skills as how to hang drywall on ceilings and walls, and how to how to make the various joints for trim carpentry.

I like what John Carroll says in his introduction: "...quality work requires two things: forethought and the proper sequence of installation. It's essential to think about the details at the beginning of the job and then install them at just the right moment." This book clearly explains the construction sequence and is actually a graduate course in residential carpentry and construction -- you'll even discover how to use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the hypotenuse of your right triangles! It will give the DIYer what she or he needs to know, and it will help the contractor's client -- i.e. the person who is having the house built -- understand the many stages of the building process.

Fri May 16 00:00:00 PDT 2014