Kitchen Tables and Other Islands

By Dan Gregory

Julia Child's kitchen had the original island: a table that could accommodate six for dinner.

The kitchen island can be as simple or complex as you wish or need. Here's a range of examples to get you thinking about what will work for you.

The Kitchen Table. This is the original island -- Julia Child had a table at the center of her kitchen where she could work and then sit down to eat with her husband Paul. Here's the kitchen in Plan 891-3 by Cathy Schwabe, with the small table for two at the center.

Island as Furniture. Here's an example of an island with very well turned legs! Plan 464-13

Island with two levels. For food prep and casual dining, and to hide clutter. Plan 454-12 by Sarah Susanka.

Island for storage and display as well as cooking and eating. Plan 135-166

Island for work and warmth. Butcher block-topped island, with bookshelves, Plan 479-11 by Peter Brachvogel and Stella Carosso.

The only real limits to a kitchen island are the edges of your imagination and the depth of your pocketbook!

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