Laundry Rooms -- Where is Best?

By Dan Gregory

This laundry room is near bedrooms and offers ample counters and cabinets for folding and storing linens and supplies.

Location, location, location isn't just that old real estate maxim -- it also applies to laundry/utility rooms. Think about where your laundry will be most convenient in your new home. Some possibilities:

1. Close to where the laundry is generated  -- i.e. the bedrooms -- which could mean upstairs, as shown in the example above -- Plan 48-642.

2. Near kitchen and garage where it can be combined with mud room/family entry, as below in Plan 132-221.

This location is especially appropriate in harsh climates where wet clothes can go right in the washer upon entering the house.

3. Another way to go is to combine functions for maximum  space efficiency; for example having the washer and dryer under a counter in a bathroom or at one end of the kitchen, as illustrated below in Plan 891-3.

4. And stackable appliances make almost any tall closet with an adjacent plumbing connection and an outside vent a possibility. Just make sure there's also a nearby counter for sorting and folding the clothes.

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