Make "On The Fly" Decisions

By Jamie Roche

on the fly

Getting the House You Want

Building a new house involves thousands of decisions. As hard as you try to make them in advance, inevitably there will be unanticipated decisions every day. Big decisions like eliminating doors, windows, even rooms happen in most projects and a never-ending string of smaller decisions like “where to put the toilet paper holder”, or “should you put the light switch to the right or left of an unanticipated in-wall obstruction” emerge daily.

Be prepared to make these decisions quickly. It helps to be able to send and review photos using email or text messaging. On our projects we install wireless internet coverage for the site as soon as temporary power is available. This allows instant photo sharing and even video so that decisions can be made without delay.

Talk with your designer, spouse and other involved parties about how “on the fly” decisions will be handled.

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Sun Jul 07 00:00:00 PDT 2013