Newlywed Home Builders Update

By Dan Gregory

It takes a village! Almost everyone is helping Laura and Mike in

I very much admire blogger Laura Fowls and her husband Mike for the remarkable determination and DIY talent shown in the building of their new house (Plan 479-4 by Peter Brachvogel and Stella Carosso). Time To Build ran one of her earlier posts on the design -- read it here.
So I thought we should see how things have progressed over the summer. It turns out they have accomplished a lot. Throughout the construction, Laura and Mike have been helped by their extended family and friends, and it's wonderful to see how everyone pitches in -- often learning new tasks like how to install a pine ceiling, as shown at the top of this post. In fact, this project reminds me of a classic 19th century barn raising when an entire community would help a neighbor construct a building.

Here's Laura's update on the kitchen, from several of her recent posts. After so many months of hard work, her enthusiasm remains infectious!

August 5, 2014
"We have been non stop…We are without internet still… so here are a few phone pics to keep you in the loop!

August 10, 2014
"Our kitchen island arrived today. And by kitchen island I mean a rough sawn barn beam.

We had plans to, you know, come up with a plan for how to morph this piece of lumber into our kitchen island.

Better yet. We spent our night drinking all kinds of bottles on it."

August 26, 2014
"I was planning on using a real camera and the using then real internet to share with you a final product. Yet my night has been filled with deck cleaning, and staining, and moving pieces of our belongings around in an attempt to make our home ready for a continuance of inspections. I’m too excited to wait for the final product to share this counter to ceiling tile.

 When I explained to others that the tile would go all the way to the ceiling, I received many a raised eyebrow. We are only at the install phase, but we are some grout and open shelving away from our
casual open shelving kitchen dream."

"Yesterday I made what I sincerely hope may be my last and final trip to this one particular paint store. We go to multiple paint stores depending on the product. Almost anything (except for our decks) that is made with wood has been finished by Daly’s stuff. The employees have become dangerously close to friends. We are truly in the final finishing stages of the interior. It doesn’t seem possible, but when we make our lists, it really is.Here is to a fruitful Labor Day weekend!"

Well done, Laura and Mike -- you are almost there!

August 27, 2014

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