No Dead End Rooms: Plan 48-250

By Dan Gregory

plan 48-250

Here’s one of our newest designs, Plan 48-250, that I think does the job very well, promoting an easy graceful flow between the foyer, great room, kitchen, dining room, and office. In other words, the main layout is a loop.

craftsman home with good entertainment circulation by Allan Mascord

It’s plan #48-250. Guests can move from room to room without being trapped. Kids can chase and be chased by the family dog (a favorite game in our house, anyway) without hitting a wall. Here the exercise room is a dead-end but it would be easy to fix that by opening a door to the porch. A looping layout is even more important in smaller houses to promote a feeling of spaciousness. Tell me what you think.

Originally Published in Eye On Design

Thu Apr 10 00:00:00 PDT 2008