Pumpkin House Numbers

By Sunset

Pumpkin house numbers are a surprising twist on the traditional jack-o'-lantern. Photo: Rob D. Brodman

• Select one pumpkin per house number and cut a hole in the top of each.
• Clean them out, saving the tops, and wipe exteriors dry.
• Center paper stencil number (ours was 5 inches tall) on the first pumpkin and adhere with painter's tape.
• With a marker, trace the stencil outline, then carefully carve just outside the line with a small handsaw or heavy-duty craft knife.
• Repeat for each number.
• Arrange a few tea lights inside each pumpkin, then line up or stack in proper order. • Replace top on the highest pumpkin.
• Illuminate tea lights using a long-handled lighter through the holes.

Originally Published in Sunset Magazine

Thu Oct 10 00:00:00 PDT 2013