Sarah Susanka Describes Her New Bungalow

By Sarah Susanka

Sarah Susanka's Not So Big Bungalow is all about comfort and character while making every inch count.

I've always been fascinated by the success of the Sears Kit Homes of the early 20th century.  Several years ago, I began scheming with Michael Morley -- friend, colleague, fellow author, and an expert in Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) construction methods -- to create a smaller but better home for today's homebuilding market that could be purchased as a SIPs kit.  That's what this minazine is all about.  

I am proud to announce that the first Not So Big Bungalow SIPs Kit Home is now available for purchase. The plans for this 1,600 sf house are highly detailed, and delineate all the "Not So Big" features and characteristics that I explain in my books, while the kit provides all the parts required to create the structural and thermal building envelope (all the parts that make the building stand up and keep the inside insulated from the outside), except for the doors and windows.  

Although the plans and kit are sold separately, both are needed in order to build the house.  

Here are the links:  

The Not So Big Bungalow Plans
The Not So Big Bungalow SIPs Kit 

In the articles below you'll learn about the features of the home, the Not So Big Design Principles it embodies, its energy efficiency characteristics, and how the process of construction happens with a SIPs house.

I hope you enjoy this tour of the Not So Big Bungalow. 

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Sun May 25 00:00:00 PDT 2014