Sarah Susanka's School Street House

By Dan Gregory

Sara Susanka's house welcomes you into a world of carefully chor

This beautiful, thoughtfully-designed, 3 bedroom/3 bath home was built originally in Libertyville, IL, as a showhouse to exemplify Sarah Susanka's Not So Big® design principles. It was open to the public each weekend for six months in 2011-12, allowing over 8,500 people the opportunity to walk through and try on a Not So Big House first hand. An ideal choice for a long, narrow lot (the lot in Libertyville was just 29™ wide), the house has no windows on one of its long walls in order to provide privacy for an adjacent house. Side windows can easily be added along the blank facade if desired. This house is designed to be highly energy efficient, to encourage a sense of community, and to allow its owners to age in place. 

It incorporates many of Sarah's key principles, including using soffits to vary ceiling heights to choreograph the passage through major rooms; alcoves set apart from the main space for privacy without

 cutting sight lines; convenient built-ins for desks and storage,

and easy connections to the outdoors.

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December 29, 2013