Siding Choices

By Dan Gregory

The Flexahouse Plan offers several siding options.

The siding on a house determines much of its character and is closely related to architectural style. For example, a Mediterranean house will usually have stucco or plaster walls, while a ranch house will often use vertical boards and battens. It's also possible to change the character of a house by altering its siding

material, and to vary the materials used, as shown in the illustration at the top of this post (which is our Flexahouse design Plan445-4 by architect Nick Noyes) and here, and in the following plans.

Mediterranean Plan 516-1 -- smooth white or integrally colored stucco or plaster walls and a tile roof.

Plan 552-5 -- Smooth white walls are also often associated with the Modern style.

Plan 48-600 -- Shingles lend a natural woodsy character, even if they are made of fiber cement, which is a durable, weather and fire resistant alternative to cedar or redwood.

Plan 890-5 -- Horizontal board siding (also often made of cementitious material) gives a crisp contemporary look, especially if the corners are carefully expressed as shown here.

Plan 508-1 -- Board-and Batten siding suits a rustic ranch house with a long living porch.

Plan 454-25 -- Brick and stone (often used as veneers) are often associated with Traditional or European styles.

For more siding examples, browse our Design Styles.


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