Six Curb Appeal Secrets

By Natalie Rodriguez

Highlighting architectural details like the portico and windows enhances the house's curb appeal.

(The house illustrated above is Plan 56-604.)

What makes one house a head turner and another just okay takes a bit of study. Spend enough time looking, though, and you'll see that all the best examples have things in common, like a fine front door, a pleasing color scheme, and landscaping that softens the hard edges. Then there's the subtler stuff: the right roof, windows that work with the house's style, the way the walkway welcomes you. Together these features can make your home stand out on the street, giving you a sense of pride when you come home each day. These architectural focal points can make a big impact.

1. Standout Windows: Highlight them with paint, shutters, or flower boxes.

2. Inviting Landscape: Well-tended and in proportion to the house, plantings provide shape and color to accentuate the architecture. 

3. Welcoming Entry: Porches and porticos frame the front door, extending an invitation to guests. 

4. Unifying Paint: A successful scheme enhances architectural detail and works with the landscape...

5. Shipshape Siding: 
The backdrop for all other exterior details, shingles, clapboards, and masonry should be in top condition.

6. Handsome Roof: A very visible umbrella sheltering all other built details. Its shingles should be in good shape.

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Originally Published in This Old House

Wed May 14 00:00:00 PDT 2014