Top 5 Kitchen Island Plans

By Dan Gregory

Glass upper level counter functions as a stylish buffet bar on the kitchen island in Plan 48-433.

Now that you've settled on your home plan, what about the shape and character of the kitchen? Our most popular plans include kitchen islands, which work well because they divide the food prep zone from the casual eating area, thereby making it possible to entertain while you are working. Here are the top five plans sold recently that include kitchen islands in a variety of configurations to help you decide what will work best for you.

Plan 48-642. The broad island contains the prep sink opposite the range. Buffet seating is at the opposite end. Drawers and cabinets allow for maximum storage below the marble-topped counter.

Plan 132-221. This contemporary design uses two tiers to separate functions and hide clutter from the rest of the room.

Plan 479-11 by Peter Brachvogel and Stella Carosso, uses the warmth and practicality of butcher block for the counter surface, and includes bookshelves along with the cabinets.

Plan 901-11. The island in this kitchen isn't built-in -- it's a beautiful and sturdy wood table, which gives the space a casual country feeling. It's the old idea of the farmhouse kitchen -- remember the famous cookbook author Julia Child, who used a table that could seat four people comfortably as the center of her kitchen.

Plan 48-433. This design, shown at the top of the post, uses a glass buffet counter for a little extra pizzazz. Such a design works well if you don't mind seeing dishes and pots -- or if you are very neat!

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