Top Ten Saved House Plans

By Dan Gregory

The favorite plan so far in 2014 has been saved more than 1,500 times. Plan 48-642

The ten plans shown here have been saved more than 7,000 times so far in 2014. Craftsman and Farmhouse are the most popular styles and most of the favorited plans are 3 bedroom 2.5 bath. Keep up the good work! To see a selection of New Plans added in the last few months -- more great designs for you to save! -- click here.

This modern 4 bedroom design was saved more than 1,460 times. Plan 496-18

3 bedroom 2.5 bath Farmhouse. Plan 888-7

4 bedroom 3 bath Farmhouse. Plan 132-252

3 bedroom 2.5 bath Craftsman. Plan 120-162

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Tue Mar 11 00:00:00 PDT 2014