Architecture & Design

Square Footage

Tiny homes and mansions are fun to look at, but the most popular size range is actually quite sensible.

Mudroom House Plans

Here's why you need a mudroom in your new home.

Colonial Style

Love a classic New England look? Check out these Cape Cod style home plans.

Ranch Homes

For long-term livability, you can't beat open concept ranch floor plans.

Bold Style for Narrow Lots

Dealing with a tight lot? You can still show off with a sleek house design.


Not sure how to distinguish between a Craftsman and a Colonial Revival home? Here's your cheat sheet.

Modern Style

Love the sleek look of a modern home? You're not alone. Learn about this popular style.

Outdoor Living Ideas

Ways to bring home a summer camp vibe.

Lessons from Old Homes

Key features of older homes that could add character and comfort to the new home you're building.

Courtyard Houses

Courtyards as a residential feature go way back to the Roman atrium and beyond, and today they help a house breathe while providing private outdoor space.

Small House

How our understanding of common house size has changed.

Lessons from Marfa

Courtney finds design ideas on her visit to this famous contemporary art mecca on the Texas prairie.

Barn Houses

Use the barn idea as a springboard for the design of your new house -- the straightforward, economical organization of interior space and the simple gable roof shapes allow for flexibility and adaptability.

Outdoor Rooms

Plan ahead! Will your new home have space for graduation parties or perhaps a summer wedding? Here's a range of designs that can accommodate family celebrations.

Architect Janet Hobbs

Austin building designer Janet Hobbs explains how she works and what influences her house plans.

Home Trends

A home awards program is a good place to look for current trends and the latest design ideas.