Energy Efficiency

Thrive/New Town Builders' Net-Zero Energy Displays

Instructive displays by Thrive Home Builders show how their houses achieve net-zero energy use.

Google's "Project Sunroof"

It calculates your solar energy savings. Plug your address into this new Web app to find out what your roof can do for you.

Net-Zero Home Experiment

Boyce looks at the trade-offs between super energy-efficiency and livability in his analysis of Pure Blue, Brookfield Home's latest energy-efficient demonstration home.

Top Green Materials and Practices

Sustainable builders and architects share their go-to green products and ways of working.

Green Home Features that Sell

Colorado architects and builders offer insights and experience on building energy-efficient homes.

For Builders: How & Why To Build Green

Joyanna explains why building green makes dollars and sense.

6 App-Driven Products Provide Tempting Lifestyle Options

Six new tech-oriented home products received an enthusiastic response at the Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show.

Energy-Efficient Winner in the HOWIES

Meet the house plan that won the energy-efficient category in the 2015 HOWIEs.

Energy-Efficient Kit Homes

Options for energy-efficient, panelized, kit-built houses.

Green Resolutions for New Year's

The top five ways to go green from a Sustainability expert.

Energy Efficient Hot Water

The 5 types of resource-efficient water heaters now available and how they can save you energy, water, and money.

Green-Built Houses in New Orleans

Thanks to a successful public-private partnership to rebuild New Orelans after Hurricane Katrina, the city offers lessons in energy efficient home building.