Energy Efficiency

Google's "Project Sunroof"

It calculates your solar energy savings. Plug your address into this new Web app to find out what your roof can do for you.

Net-Zero Home Experiment

Boyce looks at the trade-offs between super energy-efficiency and livability in his analysis of Pure Blue, Brookfield Home's latest energy-efficient demonstration home.

Top Green Materials and Practices

Sustainable builders and architects share their go-to green products and ways of working.

Green Home Features that Sell

Colorado architects and builders offer insights and experience on building energy-efficient homes.

For Builders: How & Why To Build Green

Joyanna explains why building green makes dollars and sense.

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Six new tech-oriented home products received an enthusiastic response at the Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show.

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Meet the house plan that won the energy-efficient category in the 2015 HOWIEs.

Energy-Efficient Kit Homes

Options for energy-efficient, panelized, kit-built houses.

Green Resolutions for New Year's

The top five ways to go green from a Sustainability expert.

Energy Efficient Hot Water

The 5 types of resource-efficient water heaters now available and how they can save you energy, water, and money.

Green-Built Houses in New Orleans

Thanks to a successful public-private partnership to rebuild New Orelans after Hurricane Katrina, the city offers lessons in energy efficient home building.

Net-Zero Energy Homes

What you need to know about getting rid of your house's carbon footprint.