Modify Plans

You can personalize a home plan to fit your lifestyle. For example you might purchase this studio tower Plan 479-6 and then add a breezeway and another wing, as shown above.

Building Cost

Size Matters. Building a smaller house generally saves money for the obvious reason. BUT, there is an economy of scale in building a larger house: typically the kitchen and bathrooms are the most expensive rooms so an extra bedroom can be inexpensive square footage.

Floor Plan Elements

What makes a good floor plan? The first consideration is the placement and connection of rooms ... the "flow." Next consider light and views and finally (but not in any way less important), the scale of the rooms.

Saving Plans

With nearly 50,000 plans to choose from on houseplans.com, identifying plans to consider is fun but finding them again can be a pain. To help, we are steadily improving our tools for saving plans to review and share.