Floor Plans

Top Plan Collections

Modern, Farmhouse, and Craftsman style plans are among the most popular collections on Houseplans.com.

Home Offices

The home as "incubator building," and other office ideas.

Layout Advice

Well thought out circulation in a floor plan is important for air flow, balanced light, and overall comfort.

Halloween Houses

Houses that rise to special occasions like Halloween with generous entries and dramatic lighting.

WSJ & Houseplans.com

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal describes Farmhouse designs from Houseplans.com.

Stock Plans History

A short history of stock plans, from the late 16th century to today.

Beach House

Thinking of building a new retirement or getaway home? Consider this list of must-haves from Boyce.

Houses With Pools

House plans that work with water features, though maybe the pool you really need is for your pet!

Cabins with Towers

A tower adds romance and an element of surprise to almost any house, but especially to a vacation cabin, as these plans show.

Multi-Generation Homes

Demand for new homes designed to meet the needs of more than a nuclear family is surging.

House by John Lautner

This modern concrete-and-glass home by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright is being donated to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and offers lessons in architectural drama and seamless indoor-outdoor living.

Tall Windows

Use tall windows to brighten rooms and add elegance.

Design Trends

Boyce identifies 5 hot home design trends, from an expanding desire for spa baths to an increasing interest in specialized storage.

Sarah Susanka

Describing the design of a new Sarah Susanka plan (she is the architect author of The Not So Big House books) and how it shares connections with Frank Lloyd Wright and Hawaiian architecture.

Donald A. Gardner Architects

How the Gardner firm approaches each design.

Lakefront Home

A getaway home that's all about relaxation and family time.