Floor Plans

The Age-Appropriate Home

Ideas from homes designed for "active adults" that are worth considering for the new house you are planning to build.

Siding Choices

Siding choices can help you customize a plan. Often they relate to the design and style of your house, as demonstrated in these examples.

What's a typical house size today?

How our understanding of common house size has changed.

Tiny House Lessons from Marfa, Texas

Courtney finds design ideas on her visit to this famous contemporary art mecca on the Texas prairie.

Design Chat: Sandi Erdman

Sandi explains how she designs and what she feels makes a good house plan.

Wedding Patio Plans

Plan ahead! Will your new home have space for graduation parties or perhaps a summer wedding? Here's a range of designs that can accommodate family celebrations.

Building On an Infill Lot

Many house plans -- from Craftsman to Modern to something in between -- will fit an infill lot. Here's an example of a first-time builder with some advice from his own experience.

Siting Help from an Architect

Pointers for situating your new house on your lot from architect, author, and teacher Donlyn Lyndon, who was one of the original designers of the internationally famous community on California's north coast, known as The Sea Ranch.

Estimating the Cost To Build Your House Plan

Ordering a Cost To Build Report (CTB) on a house plan is a good way to start assessing a project's affordability. Key features will have a major impact on the bottom line.

Top Ten House Plans for Spring Building

The top 10 best selling plans so far in 2017. Most are one story, 3 bedroom 2.5 bath with 2-car garage.

Talking Porches & Pergolas

David asks Ron Sakal and Sallie Hood of The Homestead Partners about their outdoor-oriented home designs.

Design Chat: Bungalow Designer Brooks Ballard

The designer explains what makes a good bungalow plan.