What You Need to Know

Veneer Stone

Faux stone has improved -- here's what you need to know.

Kitchen Cabinets

What you need to know about custom cabinets for kitchens and elsewhere in the home.

Stock Plans History

A short history of stock plans, from the late 16th century to today.

Resource Savvy Design

Sustainability expert David Hertz has a new book on resource efficient design. Time for an interview!

Rental Income

Boyce explains six ways your new home can earn its keep.

Steep Slope Houses

Architect Robert Nebolon shows how to maximize a steep slope (he's the designer of our exclusive Eichler-inspired house plan).

Beach House

Thinking of building a new retirement or getaway home? Consider this list of must-haves from Boyce.

Tent Cabins

Tent cabins provide a quick way to live on your land -- Joyanna explores the options now available.

Houses With Pools

House plans that work with water features, though maybe the pool you really need is for your pet!

Buckminster Fuller's House

An early experiment in prefab design by the futurist Buckminster Fuller -- using recycled airplane parts -- offers inspiration for today.

Accessibile Homes

Design writer Cheryl Weber reports on how to make a home comfortable and safe so we can live there longer.

Permeable Landscapes

Choices in easy eco-friendly patio surfaces range from decomposed granite to recycled rubber.

Oven & Range Advice

Longtime Food Editor Jerry Di Vecchio offers tips on selecting the right cooking appliances for your new home.

Building Cost

Size Matters. Building a smaller house generally saves money for the obvious reason. BUT, there is an economy of scale in building a larger house: typically the kitchen and bathrooms are the most expensive rooms so an extra bedroom can be inexpensive square footage.


Boyce reports that photovoltaic systems for converting sunlight to electricity have become more efficient and affordable.

Salvaged Wood

David interviews a renowned Northern California woodworker for his tips on using recycled wood.