What You Need To Know

Tiny Homes: Why Small Footprints Can Make a Big Impact

Tiny homes aren't just for television shows. There are many reasons why you an itsy-bitsy house plan may be just what you need.

The Size Sweet Spot: 2,000-2,500 Square Feet

Tiny homes and mansions are fun to look at, but the most popular size range is actually quite sensible.

Flexible Layouts and How to Identify Them

Chances are you won't always need the same number of bedrooms. Children grow and leave (and sometimes come back), working from home may become a possibility, or maybe you just need more room for stuff. These layouts are ready for whatever life brings.

Modifying a House Plan – 11 Home Plan Customization Insights

11 things you should know about house plan modifications.

What Makes a House Easy to Build?

You see a beautiful home. Your house builder sees a complex design that will take lots of money and labor to build. So what should you look for to maximize your budget?

6 Insights Into Texas Home Building and House Plan Designs

Texas home building insights from Certified Professional Building Designer, Janet Hobbs.

Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report (from Remodeling Magazine)

From Remodeling Magazine (our sister site) comes this detailed tool/report. Enter your location to get a regional report on what various remodeling projects typically cost and how much value they add to your home.

Cost Per Square Foot: What You Need to Know

How much will it cost to build your new home? Learn about cost-per-square-foot calculations.

Remodeling Sucks! 6 Reasons to Start Fresh from a House Plan

Stuck between remodeling your existing home or building new? Here are some important considerations.

Cool House Plans with Mudrooms

Here's why you need a mudroom in your new home.

How To Place Your Home for Maximum Solar Benefits

You've got a lot. Now how should you place your home to get the best natural lighting and cooling?

Planning the Ultimate Mountain Getaway

Make your mountain vacation home a reality with these tips and tricks.