A Touchless Toilet?

By Leslie Clagett

No lever to press: just wave your hand across the top of this new Kohler toilet to flush it.

{An editor at publications ranging from Arts + Architecture to Kitchens & Baths, Leslie Clagett is the author of The New City Home (The Taunton Press), and hosts the popular kbculture blog -- here are her witty and insightful takes on several new products and designs for the bathroom.}

At Last

It may be we have a real game-changer, here. I've seen hands-free flushing mechanisms for wall-mounted toilets before, but this touchless design [shown above] does away with the questionably hygenic and usually ugly trip-lever for conventional tank commodes. Passing a hand through a sensor beam emanating from the tank lid triggers an electromagnetic cue to evacuate the bowl. While it's available with the Cimarron model, there is also a retrofit kit that can be installed on most single-flush toilets that have a flapper or canister-type flush.kohler.com

Rustic Meets Refined

While I'm a fan of using reclaimed wood, it's a design trend that could benefit from some fresh thinking. So I welcome the Materia Multicolor collection of bath furniture.

Wrapped in matte white wood, drawers fronted in stained and distressed fir, this console vanity is thoughtfully designed and composed; a fact that lifts it above the pillaged-scrap-bin look that is so pervasive these days. 

Restful Room

Who's to say that the only way to render a bathroom relaxing is with white walls, picture windows, and a tub smack in the middle of the space? This carefully composed bath ignores that design cliché and invites with

 a strong yet soft palette of shapes, colors, and materials. The lighting adds both intimacy and exoticism.

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