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By Dan Gregory

Marmoleum is one of many eco-friendly material choices on the market today.

Green Depot (formerly Ecohaus) is a one stop shop for earth-friendly flooring, cabinetry, counters, fixtures, paints, and more -- in Seattle,  Portland, and San Francisco. Here are some of the items that caught my eye. I have mentioned one or two of these products in previous posts but having them all in once place makes shopping so much easier.

Marmoleum (made from linseed oil, a natural ingredient) is a type of linoleum and though not a new material now offers a wide range of colors and patterns. The image above shows the huge array of glue-down sheets. Marmoleum also offers click-together planks for easy installation.

An expanding variety of recycled woods are now available, through a company called Eco Timber. Their newest introduction is  FSC-certified Strand Woven Poplar with its attractive multi-toned, vividly figured grain. It’s made from post-industrial furniture scraps! Eco-friendly counter options are multiplying.

Squak Mountain Stone offers a seductive warm gray solid surface material. It’s a composite of recycled paper, recycled glass, and low-carbon cement and comes in full and half slabs that are 1 3/8 inches thick, and has the smooth cool touch of burnished concrete.

Low-flow and dual-flush toilets are now routine, but here’s a water saving example that has also been shown at recent Home Builder shows. It uses the run-off from the sink to fill the toilet tank. It’s from a company called Caroma, which also offers  a variety of other bathroom sinks. Using a table as a kitchen island is a simple strong idea and this table would fill the bill for me nicely. It’s handsome enough for an elegant meal and durable enough to use as a work surface. Made by Windfall Lumber, it’s composed of wood from shipping pallets and crates. No- and low-VOC paints are important finishing touches and among the choices are lime based paints by Olivetti, which have a rich texture.

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